My uncle is partly responsible for some of the art work I have collected over the years. While I don’t do Christmas or presents usually, I always try to bring my uncle something as he and my aunt are hosting dinner.

This year I brought my uncle a special candle I found because I knew it would look good with his collection. I had also taken a video of my reading room to show him and when he saw it, he went into HIS reading room and pulled a picture off of the wall.

Some back story, a while back, maybe last year (timelines are shit for me lately), he went from working with clay and sculpting to digital art. He had created this one image I loved so much that I asked if I could get it tattooed on me somewhere.

Anyway, no tattoo of it thus far but the picture he took down was one of his original copies of this picture. And now some of this art of his is hanging in a gallery in New Mexico.

Pretty sure my aunt thinks he’s nuts because he gave it to me but it isn’t much different from when he gave me that amazing Jason Soles piece a couple of years ago.

I love it so much.