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I need to make a post that is consistent for updating my therapy sessions with Jenny for body dysmorphic disorder.

I just did session two yesterday and I think it’s a waste of time because the underlying issue is obvious but unaddressable.

I can’t update tonight because there have been a couple of deaths and I must deal with these first. <3



Nothing is worse than having to rely on others’ judgement because you are not capable of always making wise decisions or accurately assessing the character of a person.

I hate it.


Diana canceled my hair appointment yesterday because she’s sick too. WTF. I got over whatever I had and now I have something new.

HAHAHA. I shouldn’t have wished so hard for a new plague. Sorry.

Ree ree

I was sitting in my area (clown room) and swear I heard someone lightly tapping or drumming their fingers on the metal front door. Creeped out.

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